Harry Hosier 
A small group of believers participated in an evangelistic ministry out of a garage for two years led by the Reverend Stanley Moore while he was attending John Wesley United Methodist Church.  He was appointed at the 1986 Annual Conference to organize the new Harry Hosier congregation and a charter was granted in March, 1986.  Initially, Sunday worship service was held in the pastor's garage.  At that time, service consisted of an 11:00 AM Sunday worship service and a midweek service on Wednesday at 6:30 PM.  Our outreach program consisted of a weekly program and the adoption of needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The church also sponsored a 10K "Fun Run" during November 1987.  By this time, we had moved to a storefront in one of the local shopping centers and our membership increased.  The charter was recognized and Rev. Moore was appointed as pastor. 

Reverend Angelo Troy was appointed to lead our congregation in June 1988.  In September of that year, we moved to our current location.  We continued to grow spiritually and in membership.  A choir, Sunday School, and bible study were organized.

Reverend Eldrick Davis was appointed to lead our congregation in July, 1989.  Under his able leadership, the church has continued to grow.  Our membership increased, as did our commitment to the work of the Lord our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our United Methodist Women's group, Sunday School, and choir were very active at this time. We expanded our ministries to include a Girl Scouts program and children and youth ministries.

February 1991 was a milestone in our church's history.  Harry Hosier UMC and the Fayetteville Korean UMC entered into a covenant to share physical facilities and combine our efforts in the commitment of service to Christ. Also in 1991, the Conference Board of Missions announced the purchase of our current site.

In July, 2006, Rev. Regina Henderson was appointed to lead our congregation.  Her impact was felt almost immediately as a food donation service and new pews have been added.

In 2008, Our church continued to move forward with fiery zeal. While no longer sharing our church facilities with the Korean congregation, we still have a deep appreciation for multicultural and missional ministries.

Our Current Pastor, Reverend Larry Robinson, joined us in July 2011. He comes from New Hope UMC in Rowland, North Carolina.  He has been in the ministry for over 25 years and is enjoying serving the Lord here at Harry Hosier.  Rev. Robinson and his wife, Charlotte, are long time residents of Fayetteville.

The vision has revealed a continued homecoming of the Kingdom and growth in our midst with the mustard seed efforts of everyone producing sweet accomplishment.  The music ministry is growing; new church groups are evolving; new church groups are evolving; new members are joining; and the power of God prevails in our midst.

We celebrate, we uplift the accomplishments, we sing the praises, and we shout the victory at Harry Hosier United Methodist Church!

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