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United Methodist Church
Offering Better Life through Jesus Christ and the Ministries of His Church
Schedule for March 3 - March 10

Tuesday, March 5
5:30 pm    Men's Choir Rehearsal 
7:00 pm    Cottonade Community Meeting

Wednesday, March 6
Noon        Bible Study
5:30 pm    Youth Choir Rehearsal
7:00 pm    Ash Wednesday Service

Friday, March 8
6:30 pm    Praise and Worship Rehearsal

Saturday, March 9
9:00 am    Gateway District UMC Retreat
9:00 am    Men's Ministry Meeting
10:00 am  Singles Potluck Breakfast  
11:00 am  Church Clean-Up

Schedule for March 10 - March 9 

Sunday, March 10
Daylight Saving Time (spring forward)
Women's Day Committee Meeting 

Tuesday, March 12
6:30 pm    Men's Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, March 13
Noon        Bible Study
6:00 pm    Bible Study
7:00 pm    Mass Choir Rehearsal

Friday, March 16
6:30 pm    Praise and Worship Rehearsal

Saturday, March 17
9:30 am    UMW Racial Justice Event 

 February Birthdays:

Larry Bush                            4th          Jerline "Sandy" Miller    20th
Taray Phillips                       6th          Channell Nesmith          20th
Natalie Thorne                    10th         London Newton III        26th  
Donetta Krum                     11th         Loren Brown                   28th 
Dirk Jimmison                    15th         Jimmie Evans                  31st

Please Pray for:
* Jessica Anderson, Barbara Melvin's daughter in law                    
* Treisha Ashley                 
* Calvin and Jeremy Bridges, Jean Bridges' Sons                              
* Gordon ​Cross
* Juanita Cunningham                                                                           
* The Dowdy Family
* Mr. Laverne McInnis and Family                                                      
* Ms. Alma Gerald
* Commander Mark Houff & those under his command                
* Cynthia Mattocks
* Mrs. Lyndell Jones and Family                                                         
* The Dudley Family
* Lauren Nelson and Family                                                                
* LaShonda Jackson
* Dr. Raymond L. Portis                                                                        
* Johnail Fairley
* Dayatra Brown and the Phillips' Family
* Mrs. Delores Lindsey
* Mr. N. "Pops" Carpenter
* Mrs. Kay Matthews
* Kaylen Marie Johnson (Portia Tatum's great-grandaughter)
* Taylor Johnson (Portia Tatum's grandaughter)
* The Woods, Jones, Battle, and Robinson families

Do you have something to share with the congregation?   You can now e-mail the church @ harryhosierumc@gmail.com.   
Other Information
Harry Hosier
Service Times
9:30 am Full Breakfast
9:45 am Sunday School
10:45 am Praise and Worship
11:00 am Worship Service

Wednesday Bible Study
Noon and 6:00 pm

Harry Hosier UMC
6201 Milford Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 864-6019